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  • @Marky

    Only 3 hours? SV lasted longer in GDZ.

  • Flames

    In 2018, clan disposal expert Alan Rickman was severely injured by a ballista explosion in revenant caves.The explosion took all his limbs and changed the life of the 25 year old gamer forever, it was a incredibly difficult experience for him and his clan especially for his long-term girlfriend Christy. Christy played an important role in Alans quick recovery she never went away from his side and assisted him greatly when she bought new tits with the insurance money. With her help and those magnificent jugs Alan quickly learned to close clans again, shortly after he proposed and they got married. It's a beautiful ending of an incredibly inspiring love story that shows nothing can stand in-between two people that really love eachother.

  • Alice

    “He got me,” Matteus said of Total Terror's DMM victory over Rot. "That f***ing Total Terror boomed me." Matteus added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times. Matteus then said he wanted to add Total Terror to the list of Bulls that fuck his wife this summer.

  • Crowbox

    i love killing rot/rot minnions for 40m gp/hr in 2k worlds, its truly a shame they wont do anything about it!



    #bring back jeffens zgs

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