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Energy's Runescape Services

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Have been questing for over 3 years in many clans. Over 200 services completed.

Below you can find the link to my thread with over 100+ vouches. 


 Services can come in high demand. If you would like your service to be done ASAP ask about premium pricing. I can do almost everything, if you need something that is not listed, PM me on forums, poke on ts, or PM on discord. All prices are subject to change based on stats.

Discord: Energy#2451




NMZ Quests: 6m

These are the quests needed to have the ideal floors for training in nightmare zone. Perfect for any new starter account.

Tree Gnome Village 

Grand Tree

Vampire Slayer

Lost City

Fight Arena 


Ancient Mace: 10m

Ancient Mace is a stable for Main Pking for smiting plus ones.

Another Slice of Ham

Death to Dorg

Lost Tribe

The Giant dwarf

The Digsite

Rune Mysteries 

Knights Sword 


Mithril Gloves : 10m

Best in slot gloves for 1 defense pures.

Helping the cook 

- Cooks assistant

Freeing the Mountain Dwarf 

- Fishing Contest

Freeing the Goblins 

- Goblin diplomacy

Freeing Evil Dave

- Gertrude's cat

- Shadow of the storm 

- Demon slayer

- The Golem

Freeing Skrach 

- Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Freeing Pirate Pete 


Ancients: 17m 

Drudic Ritual 

The Digsite 

The Tourist Trap

Temple of Ikov 

Death Plateau

Troll Stronghold 

Priest in Peril

Waterfall Quest  

Desert Treasure


Ava's 4m

Animal Magentism

Priest in Peril

Restless Ghost

Ernest the chicken 

Main Quests:

Monkey Madness 1 3.5m

Monkey Madness 2 12m

Underground Pass 5m

Regicide 5m

Dragon Slayer 1 2m

Dragon Slayer 2 12m

Mornings End 1 5m

Mournings End 2 5m

Taste of blood 4m

If you see a quest that is not here PM me for a price. I can do any quest in game.



All Nightmare Zone services are done by hand without the use of bots.

NMZ Training:

6 gp per xp


Sand Crab training:

6.5 gp per range xp

6.5 gp per strength xp 

Also Offer any type of account building from level 3. 


Will update with new Jaja Customers. 



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Will be updating this weekly with prices and new packages. Leave any suggestions below :D 

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