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Saturday Forcing SV to 1v1

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Heard a few anti-jaja clans were fighting at around 7:30 GMT so I showed up to the fight solo however Famcloth was unable to take his 17 man (mandatory trip) to victory and got cleared by DF2 and ended their trip in 0.5.

After 3 hours SV attempted to start pking once more however they did not peak above 15 this time so we logged into them with 2-4 people hoping that they would login but they decided to sit in single with 3x our opts logged in so eventually we got 2 more people to log out then they eventually rushed and this is when the rest of our 25 logged in and made them run with their tails between their legs.

Swept caves for 2 hours hoping SV would mass but this was not the case without their allies or open ccs.




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