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Friday - SV Cleared 2x FT Forced to 1item

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We got the word that SV were attempting to PK along side Lil Cards so we logged straight into SV causing them to panic as Lil cards was at edge and Rev were too scared to enter the wilderness on a Friday. Within Seconds SV had teleported and decided to re-mass and come back up.

After SV sitting below 30 hoping Rev would mass we logged into their first world which they actually went above 30 wilderness and forced them to teleport within 30 seconds. Beast knew that Rev didn't care about them anymore so, he forced all of his members to mandatory PK in 1item for the next hour killing 0 JaJa before they ended.

@All SV Members  Rams has been away not even a week and you're already having unsuccessful iron man trips.

PM Marky#7465 or Jibs#5286 for a way out.

JaJa Starting: 60

SV Starting: 75




JaJa Ending: 100

SV Ending: 0



Big own clips:


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