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Tuesday Sweep FT Baiting REV/SV

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Pked for like 5 hours consistently pking multiple plus ones when we heard SV were massing to PK. On their first world we sent 5 strong men to fight 15 SV for 5 minutes to get them ready to fight... this is when the rest of us logged in and this is when it became even as rev had not started to mass just yet so they left the world to re-mass. 

SV Deciided to re-mass and whilst Famcloth was trying to find his members in some lockers? Rev also started massing so, when SV had finally teleport up we hit sv from world to world at rev entrance killing multiple each time and one for a ZGS. After 30+ minutes of dying to us they started to pretend PK in caves with Rev logged however, we "Ended" and knowing they would start fighting as we planned we crashed and camped SV until they gave up with their inners.

Part 1 - Baiting the Alliance

SV (Wank and Crank) for ZGS





You can't hide btw





Part 2 - Sweep 3X AGS





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