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  1. Our previous crashwars were somewhat competitive but this time round you've been fucking pitiful. Ngl only reason it was competitive before is because despair used to come call/recruit for you, Now you have no jaja aid in sv it truly was a beating this time round. Puff Puff
  2. ik u regret it just come back to jaja sv is bad doods
  3. I have many 120+ combat account that all got banned for account sharing
  4. dw bout the clan history stuff is just banter.. Stick around try get some more refs gl
  5. please get some kind of terminal illness thanks
  6. light strung good streamer i like him alot
  7. get better fights out of lil cards tbh
  8. Thought u was dk? Gl either way
  9. Jake

    vit on vid

    how these dutch retards even gonna complain about gear lmaooo.. Niggers crash our fights in snakehat bali then expect us to fight them in the full stanky?? You dumb as fuck, u da opps u dont get t40 fights from us.
  10. Jake

    vit on vid

    was gd video until u started gearing in T70??? Try set an example next time smh
  11. I support all gear used in this bideo Ok need to ban t40 again.. i can actually see @Marky in fuckin torag is this kid coked out his peanut??
  12. I wouldn't even waste my glorious spit on these niggers