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  1. 2gp ea?? thats a fuckin insult to all kebabs
  2. tfw rot logs in to "help pvmers" but just get 1shot for torag/mystic every time lmfao.. ,/alot of them dont com
  3. Jake

    PK Tab

    sell all t40/torag ty
  4. im 99 farm irl tbh
  5. ayy u deserve a shot gl man
  6. keep logging into us with mystic on plz
  7. dont be silly pd ty 4 loot rot
  8. the only thing looking pretty obvious is your free mystic/torag ngl
  9. had like 15 more rot pics but cba generic mystic/torag loot ty 11.8m up
  10. Jake

    Saturday - PK

    fkin whales in 2k legit like 3-4m a kill lmao use the bank m8s?
  11. back to our roots no gear fights from jaja
  12. Jake

    Woox @joe rogan

    woox wont live past 30 though
  13. Jake

    Im Back

    msg mac