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  1. Jake

    fags fucked (vid)

    this got episode is wank btw
  2. im down to brid stake at duel hmu
  3. i read every word and looked at every picture closely marky
  4. tf is this music and editing? hes a open cc streamer bruv, man thinks he just cracked the da vincicode or some shit peak
  5. Jake

    Hiking in GA

    actual content on jaja forums big
  6. some problems come with sharing an open cc with half the clanworld :\ Hopping to return lads!
  7. wtf is this spam.. who recruited and refed these people
  8. enjoy these topics alot plz keep posting
  9. i aint gotta buy no waps
  10. pked with sv for 2hrs on my 113 med was fun lads #rot