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  1. We did an EST trip and the money caves were absolutely brimming full of mystic sets and whale lords. Saw a brief bit of action from SV/DK and they ran the fuck away. Thanks for leaving us uncontested in EST for a second day in a row and allowing us to snipe all this free ass loot. Stay shit anti-jaja. Clowns Loots
  2. Went out deep cause we heard Sv had a few people pking, after hitting & clearing them they remassed for 10 minutes while Dk also massed. We found Sv at w60 gdz and immediately almost cleared them off the map. After 10 minutes of suicing & nearly being cleared off the map they ran to newgate so Dk could come in. They merged cc's once again and fought us at the top of newgate. Knowing we can easily take them 1v2 we stayed, waited for Ct to get a few people and clear the Dk randoms. When Dk got cleared as a result Sv was almost immediately cleared as well, so they decided to call in a 3rd clan. Rev came in with about 20 focusing our AC together with Dk so they left. At this point we were fighting 1v3 once again. But since we know Rev tucks tail as soon as they see RoT we asked RoT to come AC for us. As soon as RoT came in Rev ran, as a result we cleared Dk + Sv with ease and took ending. Loots
  3. To all SV, You're fighting a battle you will never win. Your entire clan is fed off propaganda that has been fed to you by your leaders. Your numbers are dwindling by the day and your members are getting more and more sick of your leadership decisions. We have infiltrated you at every level, we know all your movements and all your decisions. Do you really want to be in a clan that sides with open cc's? Do you really want to be in a CC with someone like Derek Howard? You don't have to be led by uneducated, animalistic morons like ImSoBeast. Your leadership will try and make you believe that teaming with these open cc's are a necessary evil and it's because we have some sort of "alliance", this is simply not true. Your clan avoids us at all costs and avoids fighting us at all costs. Even when we're down on numbers, they will still call another clan to help. No-one in the clan world will trust or take you seriously with SV on your résumé. Is fighting for SV really worth ruining your entire pking career for? No matter how propaganda is fed to you, you cannot truly believe that teaming with an open cc is okay and for those who remain in SV, you will be weeded out like the rabid animals you are and removed from the wilderness everytime you step foot in it. No matter how many open cc's you team with or recruit from, we will never give up and we will never be stopped. SV is rapidly being run into the ground and will continue due to poor leadership, poor member quality and general stupidity. You guys never had a chance from the beginning let alone now. Lil cards has left you, your favourite clan rev are nowhere to be seen and your leadership is falling apart. SV are the jokes of the clan world. In the last week alone you have lost atleast 9, +1's to us and have been bullied out of the wilderness more times than i care to type. So, I openly send an invite out for any SV member to join JaJa on the requirements that they spy, this offer is slowly going to fade away so join the winning side while you still can. Reconsider your loyalty and reconsider what side you're on.
  4. Whats up bro, train the fuck up. Make sure to keep your prayer up also. Single pkers are always welcome also, multi is an easy transition. Make sure to join discord and get to know people.
  5. Did a small man EST with the boys, sweeped out caves and altar and killed any noobs hanging around. Bumped into PD and their mexican division and had a quick scrap then smashed about wilderness guardians. Where the fuck was anti-jaja btw? Isn't EST your timezone?? Are you really going to let us PK, completely uncontested for 3 hours?? (Reduced to hiding on other games lmfao) Loots
  6. Rev? i didnt even know that was a clan anymore
  7. Welcome bro, join our discord and get to know people.