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  1. Sold it right off the bat. All the Reddit kids are panic buying over a tweet from ash about maybe buffing it
  2. Ez 74m for Jaja (panicked too hard to take a proper pic)
  3. Welcome to the forums. Get on discord and start getting to know people while you work on your account
  4. Sciamachy

    est pk

    Kenji for leader Nice trip m8s
  5. Most useful cape in game. Gz homie
  6. Sciamachy


    Very close! Digging that no exp waste staking lmao
  7. gf anti-jaja. looking forward to bullying all of you in the coming weeks
  8. Gj Joy! Gonna be getting that soon myself once this goddamn Celastrus tree grows
  9. Another day, another L for SV. EST doing work