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  1. Long time coming. Massive gz
  2. Beast legit struggling to hold the trip together ;/
  3. Gz. Slayer’s a hell of a grind
  4. Good shit! Go kill some virgins for me
  5. Gl man. Don’t seem too experienced, and not knowing anybody is gonna make it tough. Show you want to be here and you may get a shot
  6. Lmao these kids are so shit. Imagine being so desperate that you have to mass recruit despite knowing “100%” that you have spies from multiple clans
  7. Low key feel bad for people putting in time to prop up a clan that might as well already be dead. Voted Raxor only because he actually has the chance to make something of himself outside of sv
  8. Lmao why would train their hc in wildy. Cya idiot
  9. Sciamachy

    sv ended (vid)

    Oof no amount of propaganda can cover up a gwas that bad