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  1. Sold him like 300m for BTC and they went first. TY
  2. Michael

    Slave work

    Need 5 more accounts - holla me
  3. Michael

    Slave work

    Looking for 3 accounts made from scratch 70 70 70 or 60 60 60 from level 3 combat. Quests required: Vampire Slayer | Fight Arena | The Grand tree | Tree Gnome Village | Lost City (Extra quests completed won't cause any harm to accounts) Pm on discord if you are interested in this and we can make an arrangement.
  4. Michael

    Skilling quote

    600m and I can do that.
  5. Michael

    Gold shop

    Hi guys, I am selling Runescape 07 gold. PM Michael#3548 on discord Currently only accepting Bitcoin.