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  1. no joke he got 61 attack on my maxed 60 attack med level DO NOT USE
  2. nope legit scammer dont trust stole my med level
  3. gz dude welcome, join discord we get u member rank asap
  4. Also, any chance u got 80b? i need a new sugar daddy, dont listen to @Soft hes a gambling addict
  5. dutch clan? old? what was old name but i definitely dont remember jaja as dutch
  6. im voting no as ur ref on ur member vote for this legit
  7. eop is dead might as well come over here lollololollolololoolol
  8. fuck sake shooter wtf is he doin
  9. shame ur cleaned so u cant even pk there HAHAHAAH
  10. ngl cheeky is a shit ref to have but gl