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  1. yeah not interested maybe if u prove you wanna be here but i dont think its happenin
  2. Everyone be proud kenji finally admits it. Make sure you're supportive to our clanmate @Kenji
  3. fight was ez sv gotta be quicker make it more exciting
  4. you legit post this right after i clean myself i see your plan @Ofrran
  5. look at all those restores beast has and he forgot to drink em all.. dk intro quality right there
  6. maybe stop wastin it on fuckin sceptres and fishing pets and hit the arena
  7. win for me boys all off that sotd from sv
  8. could have been 2 bows lmfao shit rng
  9. Great start then, finish it up and update the intro, dont know your stats but 2k total is always great and if you wanna make the big money the whales are in 2k total worlds