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  1. SV were forced to mass up and fight some zerks (to bait JaJa) so I teleported up solo whilst playing fortnite with @Loony forcing SV leadership to panic and make tweet tweet move their PK from Rev caves all the way to GDZ for 1 addy kite. SV ended their fight instantly (ty tweet) https://twitter.com/rsrotnet/status/1085478133103439872 https://twitter.com/rsrotnet/status/108547813310343987
  2. music chan listening to Billie Eilish
  3. Just ended another inner-alliance fight solo and baited rot to run from caves to GDZ ending SV's fight for us.

    1. JaesopRock


      Sv/Rot merge incoming?

    2. Marky


      Imagine VNG producing better leaks on VR than recent rot leks (2k19) :)))

  4. sv+vr merge lmao pking 5:30pm gmt midweek won't save you
  5. JaJa men were performing the daily 2K sweep when we came across some lil scrap in the cave which turned out to be our little twitter friend + 2k allies Etc so we killed atleast 500+ of them in a 3 hours period. Same time tomorrow?
  6. I feel sorry for you if you know @Loony Gl maxing
  7. Can't remember the last clan that did a name change mid fight lmao

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    2. Lith


      The whole clan shares half a brain

    3. Crowbox
    4. Jake


      we skull trick daily with 5 people

      #sv wins u cant stop us pking



  9. Went out pking with 20 good men, after 2 hours of sweeping just clearing random mystics etc we finally ran into a clan. We fought team sweden + Liths in sort of a 1v1v1 which was honestly really fun. Like 30 minutes into our fight Rot logged in to lose a zgs? Not sure what the goal here was but thanks anyways. Continued sweeping for another 3 hours clearing the new clan world merge a few times.
  10. Marky

    Hype for Spring

    Arya Stark is my G @Fez