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  1. Not sure who is slower at massing rot or sv lol
  2. Sweeped caves uncontested for like 4 hours + l0l smoked some rot/sv retards for the bank + 1750 for 2x maze. Keep donating. Rot/SV/CT/Open Shared discord niggers pulled like 14 combined and got smoked.
  3. rich gang. keep trying pussies
  4. Got word the alliance were going out for their daily 8pm merged pk today the following clans were involved: SV/CT/WM/Rot. JaJa assassins awaited for the alliance to start fighting each other (CT+WM) so we started camping returners constantly for torags whilst we baited SV to come into our home to try and "AC" us. Scrapped this fags outnumbered as per usual since their quality is dog shit until daddy came and bailed them out. Continued sweeping the caves for the next 3 hours taking multiple plus ones from UNK and other randoms. Plus ones:
  5. Sweeped the entire of early GMT bullying all skills worlds 1750/2k/2.2 for 3 hours eventually we found like 10-15? swede kids however they ran on site. Torags flying everywhere legit.
  6. Around 8PM GMT or some shit we got word some cluster shit was gwarning TS/UNK/DK were all fighting so we invited ourselves to the cluster beating the shit out of Team sweden for 30 + minutes before daddy finally arrived. (Slow AF) After this had finished we geared up fully looking for TS and managed to bait them into our home (GDZ) beat the shit out of them for like 30 minutes again l0l before they called Rot to bail them out. (This is why anti-jaja doesn't fight us 1v1) Vid up Soon Part 1 - TS: Part 2 - Loot Pictures: https://gyazo.com/30edb1eadc94256702805e4836e6e074
  7. Marky

    fags fucked (vid)

    tunes too fire for YT
  8. Sweeped rev caves for like 3 hours? taking everyone for their loot and towards the end of our trip we heard Team Sweden were trying to PK so, we logged into their first world and smoked them off the map forcing them to call daddy in 0.5. Easy as fuck lmao you need more clans on the speed dial legit. No order.
  9. ts was legit off the map before daddy arrived lmao