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  1. Went out on this fine Sunday sweeping all the loot possible for the next 2 hours + killing a bunch of moi/dk/retards. Shortly after we found rot in a world attempting to PK so we logged into them catching them in multiple bpiles forcing them to call a mand (l0l) even 2k retards started to appear left right and centre so we peaced wasting their time. Grabbed a quick re-bank before smoking DF for the next 40 minutes. Slow af clans.
  2. Made bank cheers np for ac

  3. Went sweeping for like 1hr prior to the alliance prep fight lol only pussies prep. Ran into various loot in caves+altar before smoking rot+ct+Sv for the next 1 hour plus and not one of these clans could do anything to fucking stop us stealing all their sets lmao. cheers fags keep feeding us.
  4. My nigga Jack is a legit suicider lmao

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