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  1. This is what happens when you merge with rot lmao
  2. Heard sv had massed up trying to fight cards so we waited half an hour for them to finish massing. As soon as they logged in we practically caught them in a DD completely gwassing them reducing them to 5 people in game. This shocked beast into going afk in edge pming rot, 5 minutes later rot meds had arrived putting them to over 60 anti-jaja in a merged cc. Continued smoking these freaks until rot was forced to log in on their mains at which point we teled out. We went back out hoping for a round 2 but it seemed we depleted anti-jaja for today.
  3. not like this! keep holding hands.
  4. SV baited into 1750 leaving rot meds behind lmao
  5. lmao ct so slow leaving rot alone! I can't tell who calls who these days wahwah

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