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  1. If ur tryna recruit 1750 pvmers atleast try and protect them lmfao
  2. Heard ct / sv / ts & rot had preps for today hoping to bait us out and 4v1 us, knowing that we waited for them to get bored (because no one was going to fall for the world's most obvious bait) and start doing inners fights amongst eachother. We sent a handful of snipers to those completely disrupting their multiple fights they tried to have. After the alliance gave up we continued sweeping for 2hrs without encountering any of the anti-jaja clans! Find something less obvious next time ya'll prep together.
  3. Went out to PK and ended up finding SV massed up in the 1750s so we logged in even opts however they only lasted like 46 seconds? before running and re-massing whilst rat shadowed them to PK lmfao. Continued hopping around for the next 2 hours whilst both clans mass hopped on their merge pk looking for us. TY Kodai wand btw
  4. Went out Pking prime time GMT hoping 1 of the 16 clans in anti-jaja would come out however... this was not the case! Pked 4 hours uncontested smoking loads of rats + sv small dik (terrified)
  5. Went pking with ~56 people after hearing PR were out and, after their recent merge, we knew they would fight back 1v1 (take note anti-JaJa...) We ended up scrapping and clearing them 3x for a solid 45 minutes of clean, uncontested action. After sweeping for 2+ hours we hit an SV small man a couple of times, however Beasty wouldn't dare mass without the reassurance of 3 other clans being lobbied. Bitch lmao.