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  1. Went out looking for action however, everyone ran on site so after 3 hours of sweeping and bullying skill worlds we peaced with our loots. Ty for elder+craws
  2. Beast gave up trying to find his spies on 15 man trips and decided to use the good old CT approach of why have a spy with 15 when you can have a spies with 60 rats.
  3. Whats done in the dark will always find a way to shine... 1. Rot force feeding SV Leadership fake intel so that their members will actually have a reason to play DMM (JaJa is playing!) 2. Intentional miscommunication from Rot to SV about the real reason they're playing DMM. (I'll keep up to date on any sly work SV) 3. Based on how long your "Mandatory DMM" lasted this time hopefully you will have a better shot. PS: Everyone knows we don't play DMM. (Only pussies play DMM)

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