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  1. Big dick gamer Thimaah does it again Grats Jaja
  2. Phebz

    Jaja Discord Avatars

    Simples discord avas, minty green circle w/ bae
  3. I thought this clan was pro retard?
  4. 1) Current Runescape Display Name and IRL Name (Optional): Phebz / you want pen 2) All previous display names (List as many as possible): Kar Na Vorr - Phooji 3) Do you have a Discord registered account and what is your Discord ID? (This is mandatory) Phebz#7025 4) Have you read all the pinned topics and do you understand the (application process)? I didn't read, won't lie 5) What timezone do you live in? Central US 6) What is your availability for events during the week/weekend? (EG: I am available between 3-6 EST midweek) We training atm, but available after 7PM CST 7) About yourself (Minimum 30 words): Big meme dood, son of @Thimaah also have huge penis 8) What is your combat level? (Include a picture of your stats): 9) Provide evidence of having the mandatory PK gear and supplies (found here): we just intro, no app, stay tune 10) Provide evidence of having the mandatory character build (found here): 11) Provide evidence of having the Edgeville Spawn: no have yet 12) List all Clans/Teams you have been a member of/applied to join, and explain why you're no longer with them: Eruption of Pures (Not leaving) 13) Who are your 2+ referrals, and how long you have known them for/how do you know them? 1. @Thimaah 2. @MangekyoWR 14) Why do you want to join JaJa? Cos friends, got lots of training to do first tho 15) Do you have a mic and do you plan on using it? Yes and idk, I do sound like that 16) Anything else you would like to add: Marky gave me aids
  5. one big faggot right here. loyal tho
  6. Someone come conquer us

  7. Phebz


    fucking about time