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  1. Catch me on w45 pussies
  2. Massed up the mandem and went pking on this fine sunday. Ran into Liths twice and had 2 clean 30 minute fights vs them. After that we decided to go bully sv on their week prep, we logged into their world and started smoking them shortly after they ran to singles like rats. Smoked them in single for a bit while beast sat there desperately pming rot for help. Better luck next week! Part 1: Fighting klubas 2x Part 2: Bullying sv Part 3: Caves Sweep Any anti-jaja members tired of being in a dog shit minion clan? Pm any jaja official on discord to spy.
  3. Damn it seems like even everyone in sv thinks beast is a incompetent leader
  4. Thimaah


    Nice magic logs
  5. Rot farmed for 2 hours stay mad angry gamers!

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