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  1. We went on an early pk trip sweeping every world clearing up dk/vr/sr and random teams. We went on for hours and were about to call it untill we found ct trying to pk in gmt (their first gmt pk in months) we logged into their world and instantly started smoking them. After 5 minutes of fighting a few rot meds/ts members started getting into the fight but that didn't faze us. Ct has completely forgotten how to fight 1v1 so not surprisingly sv rushed in and we teled out after an easy 1v4 smoke session. Ironically ct spammed "we don't need sv" just for them to show up 5 minutes later Awkward alliance lmfao Part 1: CT murdered 1v1 Part 2: VR/SR/WG Scraps and sweep
  2. lucky to be alive mashallah

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