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  1. Castiel


    cant wait for the movie, hope it doesnt disappoint
  2. was free loot during the fight and after the fight. Made bank off them, then another like 2mil looting all the pots people left behind. Easiest 4mil of my liife.
  3. WIth some effort, you will do fine. Good luck.
  4. Got my Ancient Altar and Obelisk at my house. No more hopping to W330 to swap books or 30k Rev teleports for fights!!! Next up 1750.
  5. ohh god thats going to be me one day
  6. why did dk bother reopening if they were going to be this shit?
  7. how do i get those sweet health and prayer bars on the side?
  8. better song choices than marky, thats for sure
  9. Imagine needing 5 other clans to help you lose anyway
  10. Congratulations on Becoming the next Master Chef!