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  1. cant protect the 2k from Jaja
  2. no wonder i dont get any klills with all them ags smh #Speargang
  3. loool at the vid - Gj guys was a good trip
  4. vxxe

    est pk

    est still shitting out loot like they ate a bad curry, cant wait to get back on these trips again!
  5. at first i thought parts of this video was on a loop lol
  6. gf CT, does anti jaja even exist wtf?
  7. vxxe

    Tuesday: PK

    looking at them looties thinking where my tb split at 0.0 jk good trip very easy
  8. great start to the year!
  9. vxxe

    Sunday: Liths

    hungover as fuck but was a nice clean fight ty for action! also well done to jaja fortnite
  10. Beast is just a tb magnet, easy for jaja