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  1. RIPP my luck broskiess!! :p @Da Best G WUU222??
  2. 140 chest dry, love you niggerssssss
  3. yfzboy007

    Tuesday: PR Smoked

    VERRRY gorrd my brothers
  4. Welcome to JAJA, CD was to strong TBH
  5. they can't even open their eyes, the F
  6. SLOWWWWW AFFFFF, but no XP waste while working.
  7. yfzboy007

    Do your easy clues

    the fuck are even easy clues niggaa you black??
  8. Welcome to jaja, change those close to mint green colour :d
  9. grtz broskie, got my full house like a week ago, it's verry gorrdd
  10. 2k total new mandatory req!!