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  1. 22 to go @Macleran!!!!!!!!!!
  2. MG MT


    didnt get pic of first but basically b2b ags from retards
  3. MG MT

    Jaja Discord Avatars

    Thanks now I don’t need to go to pornhub to jack off
  4. Wow it’s like pictures of my baby mamas son in that I don’t care
  5. Literally can not fucking wait to get a new computer pking on mobile past 2 months has been so Fucking tedious 

  6. MG MT

    Brits win again

    And I thought RuneScape players were just autistic
  7. MG MT

    Merry Christmas

    Happy haunakah brethren
  8. Maybe they could try 6 am gmt
  9. And I thought marky was a nerd for maxing
  10. Pretty sure he used my account to solicit cyber sex
  11. Gratz too bad it does not help you pking
  12. First person to write a decent haiku about smells wins 5m gp 

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    2. Sir Majorey
    3. Norris


      smokes 10 times a day

      hates we1 passionately 

      e-dates mangekyo

    4. Lith


      Ping pang wing wong gong,

      no, I did not drop my spoons.

      It's smells' chink-ass name.

  13. Alan rickman probably only ever gets his Dick sucked by girls 

    1. Norris


      abstinence is key in today's society

  14. Gz gz be careful tho don’t go past 1750 total anything else is a waste of time

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