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  1. The touchpad tiger strikes silently in the night
  2. Hey welcome if you know moolou and castiel thats cool sorry about loony Anyhow welcome and enjoy the grind to max
  3. Useless just rwt and buy dragon boots lol you try too hard
  4. “My name is offran look at how big my ballsack is” thats big tho Gratz
  5. Gratz will you ever stop winning?
  6. MG MT

    2 Away

    You put 2 in the title instead of 24. @Marky plz fix title for him
  7. imagine hating on dk your entire "career" and then going to them for help
  8. MG MT

    Thankful Thursday

    What are you thankful for? I am thankful for marky, my iphone 5, and that my microwave is working again.