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  1. Gratz too bad it does not help you pking
  2. First person to write a decent haiku about smells wins 5m gp 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sir Majorey
    3. Norris


      smokes 10 times a day

      hates we1 passionately 

      e-dates mangekyo

    4. Lith


      Ping pang wing wong gong,

      no, I did not drop my spoons.

      It's smells' chink-ass name.

  3. Alan rickman probably only ever gets his Dick sucked by girls 

    1. Norris


      abstinence is key in today's society

  4. Gz gz be careful tho don’t go past 1750 total anything else is a waste of time
  5. Hey gl da best g’s accent is kinda heavy tho
  6. go win 300m and THEN quit dude, dont pussy out when you are at rock bottom
  7. gf never died once. better than loony tbh
  8. MG MT

    SV banned from deep

    Alan’s dick is too big for sv’s butthole
  9. Well if loony thinks you’re cute I guess it’s ok
  10. Gl lil buddy I’ve seen you around for a while
  11. Gratz it looks like @MangekyoWRis bad luck