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  1. SV closed by typhoon.

  2. Feels good, Reduced SV to naming there topic after me lmaoo. Trans-RS wins again.

  3. Imagine having you're trip ended by the storm lmaoo @ SV.

  4. Sad days, Maybe if clans and leaders actually listened to me for once when I tell them who they're spies are they wouldn't have a spy infested clan and get hit on login lmao SV. Gonna be dead clan in 2 months. 

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    2. Sir Majorey

      Sir Majorey

      gj Leyla

    3. Juul God

      Juul God

      dont listen to @Jake i want you here

    4. golden phi

      golden phi

      hey leyla i like u

  5. "I won't kick my friends, You know that lol." - Im soBeast

    1. Juul God

      Juul God

      i wonder how many strikes baba is gonna accumulate

    2. Leyla


      He'll make it by skull tricking with beast and be a celebrity rank lmao.

  6. "Don't run inside GDZ, That's what JaJa wants." - SV

    1. Juul God

      Juul God

      i love u bbygurl

    2. Diemon



  7. "Don't run inside GDZ, That's what JaJa wants." - Rams
  8. Daily Reminder, Im Sobeast knows how to play Mind Games. He's a magician and reads minds.
  9. Let me see the topic about me retards.