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  1. i heard beast will be leaving again soon
  2. this first bit of hype is suddenly turning into a nightmare as there pulls of 70 at the start are slowly turning into 20 man pulls YIKES
  3. never had an easier fight in my life, every time i died i had to go find other teams to kill me because i had no potions or bolts left and the sv guy's were running around like headless chickens
  4. fucking lucky brits fucking went and bummed each otther at the end
  5. who so i pay i'd like to pay for me and kenjii.
  6. Kul bob

    whats up boys

    10m ts fee + tax so pm me
  7. mgregor runs newyork and the ufc
  8. Kul bob

    End of Conors Career?

    conor mgregor runs the ufc and runs newyork so no
  9. Kul bob

    Some DMM Loots

    k now quit dead mode and come back to pk
  10. hello man @@NHS said he will do all those within 3 days by hand.
  11. ty for ur services