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  1. another easy win for jaja gamers any clan any time
  2. gf sv lol personally was on my samsung galaxy s9edge clearing you with no ts i guess rot couldnt gear for them quick enough :/ b
  3. Kul bob


    close the doors beast
  4. how long till sv closes? 2 weeks max wonder how many of the rats will try and crawl bak XD
  5. i was on my ipad aswel lol gf sv
  6. i heard beast will be leaving again soon
  7. this first bit of hype is suddenly turning into a nightmare as there pulls of 70 at the start are slowly turning into 20 man pulls YIKES
  8. never had an easier fight in my life, every time i died i had to go find other teams to kill me because i had no potions or bolts left and the sv guy's were running around like headless chickens
  9. fucking lucky brits fucking went and bummed each otther at the end