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  1. This is the quality of the JaJa members that got kicked from our clan (or left to rejoin sv). As you can see they have yet to win a fight against daddy JaJa.
  2. Not looking to good for SV. Join the winning side.
  3. Nice refs, dont let them down. Get those stats up. Like others have said, multi pking is an easy transition. Good luck man and welcome to JaJa HQ!
  4. Do yourselves a favor sv and just stay out of the wildy
  5. Ya'll remember when SV wasn't dogshit? Yeah me neither.

  6. Had to turn up my volume cause I thought I had it on mute. Turns out the SV ts was just awkward and silent AF. Stay dogshit sv this closure has by far been the easiest LMFAO!
  7. LMAO @ SV leadership! Your MLs running back to daddy JaJa. This is a big nope from me. Try WG or maybe VNG