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  1. Ah i see, another sv council taken for his loot yet again
  2. Rot was busy getting smited out by their own minions
  3. obv lil cards and ct isnt enough of a protection service for rot if stuff like this is going to be happening on the daily...
  4. that 35m could easily be 70m... just saying >.>
  5. L o v e

    GMT - PK

    Damn dirty gmters trying to show us est gamers whats up
  6. L o v e

    Monday - DK

    Damn, wish i was online, love slapping Dk around, bunch of retards that talk too much
  7. Damn, that low key toxic award coming out xD, but Respect shooter, good luck gaymer
  8. grats, i give it 3 days before you lose it all again
  9. hey look, its team shavers
  10. Living life to the fullest, nothing is slowing this guy down
  11. save some pussy for the rest of us, jesus christ
  12. was too damn easy, vr was pissing me off more with their 1 item barraging than the entire sv army