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  1. Damn, that low key toxic award coming out xD, but Respect shooter, good luck gaymer
  2. grats, i give it 3 days before you lose it all again
  3. hey look, its team shavers
  4. Living life to the fullest, nothing is slowing this guy down
  5. save some pussy for the rest of us, jesus christ
  6. was too damn easy, vr was pissing me off more with their 1 item barraging than the entire sv army
  7. how much of a life does derek have...
  8. Jaja rank 1 pvm clan, onto raids now
  9. every mass clan name change has one of these, in this case. its murder.
  10. L o v e

    Pre-EOC Lures

    your avatar went perfectly with the song L
  11. <20:11:28> "Dandy": free post count