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  1. We're sitting on about 40 hours of your TS audio lol
  2. Hope SV and CT enjoyed their inners.
  3. Sfa died to 5 people with 10 brews and 4 necks left lol
  4. Nate

    thx lol

    You should bring it on EoP trips
  5. Thanks for the Vorki pet and godswords. Jaja wins again.
  6. After 126 combat get 85+ agility, then 2K total. Agility can be used on all worlds, it's even better than 2K total.
  7. Keep up the grind and get that fally kite
  8. Nate

    SV 2.0

    Solo cleared lol
  9. 1942 total on med level now and rising every day. You and I need to drop that Offset guy on his forehead next time. Hiding on his pure to call piles he can't hit lmfao what a shit kid.
  10. Thanks for the 45m, random 3 man team running around deep.

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