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  1. Also Rich Luke was the most annoying person to lead with if anyone remembers him. Holy shit, working with him was like pulling teeth.
  2. I am real. I think I gave my account to someone when I quit. I tried recovering it but its such an old email. I’ve been watching some of the pk video’s you all post. You guys kill ittttt. I remember a few times we were massive with 100+ following behind me, crashing RoT wars.
  3. Hey all, This is Kiteofdark, I used to be one of the leaders of Jaja. I just wanted to say that I am proud that this group stayed together, and I hope some old friends of mine are still active. I know we used to kick ass in the p2p pvp worlds, and seeing the recent videos’s, you guys are still killing it. Jaja for life!!!!

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