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  1. oh hope you recover fast looks painful!
  2. If you can't tell it's satire you need to grow up, kid
  3. https://gyazo.com/5ec3f7c5121db03fe638027a70ef8306
  4. Multiple bowers tried crashing me and it didnt work with ur 40s jfl when mace hits 60s. Crash me and i will anticrash you hard.
  5. d claws solo rushing at revs. SOLO rush only works against 70s-80s, always lookup their hp, must be between 60-80. Kill couple revennts then pot up and dd under. After i kill them, i loot and telly. Go to clan wars and reset my skull. Takes less than 3 minutes if u are high iq. doing this only on my lvl 100 pure because on my 126 main solo rush is low success rate- (duo only - better loot more bows but split). I have almost 100% success doing this method and i get on average 250k loot. PROOF I AM HIGH IQ. noob that was not my radar got ancient emblem in chatbox notice, i quickly located and killed him.

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