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    Thanks for your reply. I'm a 24x7 shift worker (12 hr per shift) and typically work 8 days on 6 days off so I have plenty of free time on my days off. Hopefully it works out
  2. 1. Current Display Name and IRL name (Optional): Ayy 1.1. List all Previous Display Names you can Remember: Peppermint 2. About yourself: 25, work in the mining industry in Australia on an even-time roster. Been playing RS since 2006. 3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats: 126 https://gyazo.com/00cda55b5fd059bf5c6b779f276d1cfc 4. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans have you been in? (including PvM & community clans): Haven't joined a clan before. 5. Do you know anyone in JaJa, if so, whom? No. 6. How did you hear about JaJa/find our forums? While killing Revs, BALDBLAKG1RL mentioned the clan. 7. Do you plan on joining? Yes. 8. Have you joined our community Discord yet? If so, what is your Discord ID? Yes. 9. Is there anything else you want to add? Look forward to joining.