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  1. i pk at 44's black chins alot, also revs with some irl friends might be from there buddy
  2. flames my name in rol was '' Rol omar '' i was the other dutchie with angelo
  3. you savage brother i like that, i have refs such as wespula witch i talk till this day, i have been in good terms with eatppl,inflames back in Rol... but that is a long time ago and i havent spoke to him for a while.... i used 4 hours to get my return sets recouler shit and bought some big amounts of return sets overnight... i hope to be part of something serious brother Bless!
  4. i mean because of the experience of prev clans i couldnt be bothered, so i started single pking... witch is dead now aswel now i look into more serious big things such as JaJa brother!
  5. i could tel because we had to fucking return in enchanted...
  6. i dont know him i wasnt in unk for long tbh
  7. Joy do you have a link to Return sets? i'm kind off new to dealing with forums. i hope you can help me out!