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  1. no one told me we were doing DMM mand! too bad!
  2. "im gonna write my app to rev cya" "you know no rank in here actually matters"
  3. zgzgzgggzgzgzgzgzgzgzgzggzgzgzgzgzgzgzgzgzgz
  4. 1750's first day back, donating tents and ballis left and right! TY YUZLA
  5. uwu

    1. Sir Majorey

      Sir Majorey

      gay shit going on there

  6. feels bad beating up children all night but thats the name of the game @im_sodepressed when are you gonna show
  7. call rot (it was a sick username)
  8. so nice that rot lets their cows out to pasture!
  9. GF DK, SV are less than a joke SV is as propped up as the north korean government by the chinese
  10. Maga was the easiest shit ive ever seen

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