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  1. lmao hard to talk on a laptop mic
  2. id hope so! I used to be on very often.
  3. thanks. I have all I need to rebuild I just have to get used to playing again lol
  4. it was "a lot". ill leave it at that.
  5. I was one of the accounts that was messed with by a jagex mod. I thought I was hacked so I took a break.
  6. 1. Current Display Name and IRL name (Optional): pixiedo0m -Cody 1.1. List all Previous Display Names you can Remember: pixiedoom, frogy886, Joko 169 2. About yourself: I am 26 Ive played Rs for a long time Ive been in jaja multiple times throughout the years 3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats: 124 combat 4. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans have you been in? (including PvM & community clans): Ive been in jaja a few times. 5. Do you know anyone in JaJa, if so, whom? Ive known many people from jaja in the past and some if not many present. a despair, marky 6. How did you hear about JaJa/find our forums? I requested them from a member. 7. Do you plan on joining? I plan on joining. 8. Is there anything else you want to add? I have nothing else to add.