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  1. Thanks everyone for the welcomes, Feel free to add me in game
  2. 1. Current Display Name and IRL name (Optional): --> Jedex [ Main lvl 125 ] FishFallCat [ Alt lvl 114 ] Irl name: Dylan 1.1. List all Previous Display Names you can Remember: --> Main: PlatTokens , Jedex Alt: Address , [ A few inappropriate names that got me 1 year name changed to it's current name], FishFallCat 2. About yourself: --> I'm Dylan, 26 years old from Canada, I work full time and play rs in my spare time when I'm not out living life. 3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats Main levels Main cb lvl Alt Levels Alt cb lvl 4. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans have you been in? (including PvM & community clans): --> I used to pure pk back in the day with a few small masser clans, Recently was in BA ( Brutal Awakening ) But the clan is too inactive and I want to do more pking @ revs. 5. Do you know anyone in JaJa, if so, whom? --> Not at this time, No. 6. How did you hear about JaJa/find our forums? --> Fought in the rev caves when I was in BA , You guys are a known clan. 7. Do you plan on joining? --> Yes. 8. Anything else you want to add: --> I know I don't really know anyone in the clan yet but I'd like to get to know you guys and hopefully get on some trips with you in the near future, Thanks for taking the time to read.