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  1. For sure I’m too white to ever be affiliated with any gang activity’s in Chicago, but good Call out I’ll keep my nose clean
  2. Definitely, bursting and black chining this week will get it for sure thanks
  3. Absolutely thanks look forward to chillin with you guys and contributing
  4. Hey ofrran! livinlarge21 was the Leader at the time, prince joe and icedrop where Co leaders, I was Pk leader with lord Weasley. H A 12 D! Yes pked with enzo a few times in a small group mage bank way back when
  5. Hey hiders nice to meet you
  6. Not that I’m aware of at all. After I joined RSD we Lost contact I little while after
  7. Thanks shooter! I have the black chins, runes, and bones to max them all out! On vacation this week so will be good by week end.
  8. Hey! I was with them as nickroo1234, I knew sentinel069 and hey it’s trea
  9. Hey there, absolutely big gap did not ever plan on coming back after all the changes with the wild and tradeing. bsjoe was in TD who came to rsd and we left together and made v3 I do have a weak pk video from then aswell i also have a photobucket I can share with a ton of kill pictures from then aswell
  10. 1. Current Display Name and IRL name (Optional): Nickroo1234 (Nick) 1.1. List all Previous Display Names you can Remember: Only Nickroo1234 2. About yourself: What’s up guys! I’m nick I’m from Chicago. I been playing RuneScape since classic days. I was the 8th player to obtain 99 runecrafting way back in the day in like 2005ish. I spent most of the last three years of playing either staking or pking. I stopped playing once the trade thing happened where you could not trade or actually pk items. Just came back this year, Excited to be back finally up to a level to pk, should be 99 mage with on a week or so. Outside of runescape I’m a retail executive and a part time stock day trader. 3. Combat Level & Picture of your Stats: 124 but 98 pray 4. Do you have any experience with Clans? If so, which clans have you been in? (including PvM & community clans): *Damage inc FA-few of my friends I use to stake with where here, decided was not place for me *RSD-pk leader- spent roughly 2 years here as pk leader of roughly anything p2p. Around 2005 mage back was where I enjoyed Pking the most so I ended up starting my own clan with odin666 and bsjoe *v3/resistance-leader- lead this clan with mostly Odin666. Pretty much a single based clan, mostly mage bank. Had over 100 members and had consistent representation at mage bank. 5. Do you know anyone in JaJa, if so, whom? No one yet that I know of, but excited to meet people 6. How did you hear about JaJa/find our forums? Been idle in the discord for over a month, been trying to figure out who I wanted to join and this seems like a good place and fit for me 7. Do you plan on joining? Yes 8. Anything else you want to add: Looking forward to chilling with every one and getting to know them. Always down for pking, pretty much available anytime 6pm cst to 2 am cst. Free all day Wednesday’s Saturday’s and Sunday’s.