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  1. Joy

    Colorado Trip Pictures

    Yea we smoked a few blunts while we were hiking, but I didnt smoke as much as the others because I was the sober driver to go back to our Airbnb
  2. Joy

    Colorado Trip Pictures

    The pictures dont do the views justice, there's nothing like standing on top of a mountain and being able to see for miles and miles away.
  3. The imgur albums below are sorted by each hike we went on in Colorado. https://imgur.com/a/FMUHzdC https://imgur.com/a/BWUtaJu https://imgur.com/a/E7aXbkO Below are some of the highlights.
  4. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    dont u stay inside all day playing a cartoon game made for 13 year olds LOL
  5. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    99 irl pog
  6. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    Yea weather was great, not too hot or humid.
  7. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    no friend
  8. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    6 mile idot and weight to challenge ourselves
  9. Joy

    Hiking in GA

    6 mile hike with 30 pound packs. Was fun

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