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  1. Lately I've been questing for a bunch of different Jaja members, so I decided to make a topic for it. My prices vary depending on if it is a bulk order or a one off quest. For bulk orders, prices are cheaper than one off quests. For one off quests, such as Dragon Slayer 2 or Monkey Madness 1, prices can be discussed in pm. Pm on discord (Joy#1130) to discuss services.
  2. auto accepted welcome aboard
  3. Joy

    Saturday - DK/PR

    easiest 5m i ever made
  4. all I want for Christmas is this stupid PR clan to die
  5. How many times do we have to shit on these PR retards before ruthlesswild stops fucking talking in our discord
  6. Joy

    AFK XP

    nice bro, gl on 99 and pet