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  1. cleaner than marky's asshole after i lick him clean
  2. wish you could fuck me marky
  3. After my 15 hour harry potter marathon me and @Markyfinally found the time to lead a pk trip! Enjoy the loot my fellow jajaonians!
  4. can vote for special guest+ can vote for one person in 4 diff categories max --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Likely To Be Caught Watching The Vampire Diaries With A 16 Year Old : Most Likely To Fly Across The World To Get Rejected By An E-Girl : Fattest Shit : Least Likely To Smile While Sitting Alone In His/Her Room : Most Likely To Die While Calling A World : Sits In Single Fighting A 1-Itemer While Everyone Else Is On A Max Kill In Multi : Most Likely To Leave a PK Trip to Play Fortnite : Most Depressing Meals :
  5. looked epic brother thimmah. too bad i was busy hitting on 16 year olds to come!
  6. grats freak kill yourself stupid fucking american
  7. Bring Back TVD

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