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    Went out pking around 8PM GMT "Prime time" on a Sunday looking for anti-jaja so we hopped cave and ran into Res+Veng multiple times however, they ran on site until rot came to try and save them but they logged in all the way south whilst we were all north? and no1 got caught. After this we got word CT were attempting to fight deep wild so we grabbed our finest 1item and camped CT+Rot returners until the fight was over (Ended in 10 minutes l0l) (Also, Rat literaly stole your fight lmao) By this time SV were pking so we went up and bullied them in our shotguns for the next 45minutes whilst rot followed trying to save them but they were always too slow! We awaited for rat to end and changed up our gear and logged into SV and the next 30 minutes slaughter commenced until they got rat to login and save them. I like this leadership better #OverthrowBeast. Part 1 - Veng/Res/CT/Rat: (killed ct for us lmfao cheers) Part 2 - Bullying SV + 30 minute beat down. Kill Pictures:
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    At least when Beast gets back, Sv members won't have to worry about fighting Jaja anymore